Clay Hand-Building projects need two studio visits

first visit: build & create  

second visit: glaze your clay project

(can be shortened to 1 visit with building & glazing / limits you too only 1 type of glazing)

No experience necessary, we teach all ages & skill levels

We provide all of the necessary tools for the job 

Pottery instructors will guide thru the whole process
individual personal instruction - work at your own pace
Take as long as you need to finish your project

Learn different hand-building techniques (pinch potting, coiling, slab-building, molding, clay puzzling & more
After two weeks you are able to glaze your pottery with either a high-temp earth tone glaze look or use colourful under glazes

Here are just a few ideas you can create: Mugs, Bowls, Coasters, Animal Banks, Masks, Teapots, Trinket Boxes, Vases, Spoon Rests (ultimately clay ideas are endless)

Each clay project is priced individually based on size and amount of clay, the average cost of clay building ranges from $20 to $35

Hand-Building & Pottery Wheel

Pottery Wheel session allows you to throw 4 balls of clay and transform them into bowls, mugs, vases or whatever you desire for $50 per person.

- First visit throw and spin on the wheel

-Second visit two weeks after you'll be glazing your pieces

Unfortunately we cannot recreate the famous scene from "Ghost" as I will not be wrapping my arms around anyone while using the Pottery Wheel !

Ps. rest in peace Patrick Swayze