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Pottery Painting
 Get in here & start a Pottery Painting Project..

 ⇒ Hundreds of diffferent unique pieces to choose from...

 ⇒ Unlimited time to work on your pottery project, can't finish in one visit feel free to  return  as many
 times needed to complete your masterpiece at no extra cost.

 ⇒ Choose as many colours needed to create your masterpiece... 

 ⇒ We have hundreds of ez-to-use Silk-Screen Stencils to add some awesome flare to  your  pottery project, along with Fun-Writters, etching tools, sponges, different style art  brushes,  cool idea binders and more... 

 ⇒ Need a little inspirational push, our art instructors can definitly put in the right  direction  with tons of tips and tricks. 

 ⇒ Pottery prices are found underneath each piece and that price covers all your paint,  tools,  time and firing (no studio fees)..

Take-Home Pottery

Paint pottery in the comfort of your own home

here are your steps !!

- pick out your pottery piece

- pick out your glaze colours & brushes

- & you're off to the races; but, take as long as you like

- when your good & ready bring back for firing !