Play with Clay is an interactive drop-in pottery studio where guests of all ages can indulge in pottery painting, clay hand-building & wheel throwing.

As well as drop-in pottery projects we also offer more structured Adult-Workshops, Kids Camps and 8wk Pottery Classes.

Our instructors have years of experience teaching many different hand-building, wheel throwing & glazing techniques to make your pottery project a success. We host different clay parties in our studio such as pottery painting, clay building & wheel throwing.

  • Hundreds of different unique pieces to choose from...
  • Unlimited time to work on your pottery, can't finish in one visit....return as many times needed to complete your masterpiece at no         extra cost.
  • Choose as many colours needed to create your masterpiece...
  • We have hundreds of ez-to-use Silk-Screen Stencils to add some awesome flare to your pottery project, along with Fun- Writers,         etching tools, sponges, different style art brushes, cool idea binders and more...
  • Need a little inspirational push, our art instructors can definitely put in the right direction with tons of tips and tricks.
  • Pottery prices are found underneath each piece and that price covers all your paint, tools, time and firing (no studio fees).

Need a Clock ??

no prob; come in choose any flat piece and we'll transform it into your very own personal clock...

Take-Home Pottery

Paint pottery in the comfort of your own home or work..

  • pick out your pottery piece
  • pick out your glaze colours & brushes
  • you're off to the races; but, take as long as you like
  • when your good & ready bring back for firing 
  • no extra cost for take home kits

Painting Party  

$28 per person Kids Party

  • Start with making personal Pin-Back button
  • Choose your pottery from the b-day wall
  • Dozens of pieces to select from (coin banks, mugs,         trinket-    boxes, figurines and many more)
  • Choose your own paint colours
  • Complimentary B-day / handprint, signing plate
  • You can bring snacks, cake, juicebox & presents
  • No min. or max. / Pay for who shows up / No deposit         required

Clay-Building Party

$28 per. person Kids Party

  • Start with making personal Pin-Back button
  • Build: Mugs, Creature Coin-Banks, Trinket-Boxes & more !  
  • Choose paint colours and glaze away
  • Complimentary Clay-Handprint impression
  • No min or max / pay for who shows up / No deposit required
  • Recommended age 7yrs and up 

Please Call the Shop to book your B-Day Party on 519-841-7529  

- up to 4 kids wheel throwing party !

- full instruction & lesson

- throw & spin 3 clay-balls

- $35 per child..(recommended ages 8 and up)

- 2 visit party..(1st on the pottery wheel & 2nd paint & glaze) 

Clay-Building projects need two studio visits

  • first visit: build & create  
  • second visit: glaze your clay project

        (can be shortened to 1 visit with building & glazing / limits you too only 1 type of glazing)

  • No experience necessary, all ages & skill levels
  • We provide all of the necessary tools for the job 
  • Pottery instructors will guide thru the whole process                                                                                                                                                  individual personal instruction - work at your own pace
  • Take as long as you need to finish your project
  • Learn different hand-building techniques (pinch potting, coiling, slab, molding, clay puzzling & more 
  • After two weeks you are able to glaze your pottery with either a high-temp earth tone glaze look or use colourful under glazes
  • Here are just a few ideas you can create: Mugs, Bowls, Coasters, Animal Banks, Masks, Teapots, Trinket Boxes, Vases, Spoon Rests               (ultimately clay ideas are endless)
  • Each clay project is priced individually based on amount of clay, the average cost of clay building ranges from $20 to $35

Pottery Wheel 2wk-Session (one-time throwing)

One-time session allows you to throw up to 4 balls of clay and transform them into bowls, mugs, vases or whatever you desire for $80 per person.

  1.     First visit throw and spin on the wheel
  2.     Second visit two weeks after you'll be trimming & glazing your pieces

Please Call to book your next wheel session on 519-841-7529    

8 Week Pottery Class

  • No experience necessary (worked with clay? we'll more than accommodate exp. potters)
  • We provide all of the necessary tools for the job
  • Pottery instructors will guide thru the whole process with individual instruction - work at your own pace
  • 8 week course, 3 hour sessions
  • Learn different hand-building techniques (pinch potting, coiling, slab-building, molding, clay puzzling & more
  • High temp custom glazing tips, tricks & techniques
  • Build up to 20 to 30 pottery pieces
  • $380+tax per. potter- incl. tools, clay, glazing, firing, & instruction
  • Evening Classes run from 6 to 9pm and Daytime run from 12-3pm.

Please Call the Shop to book your spot on 519-841-7529  

Pottery Class Start Dates:

Thurs. May 26th

Tues. June 7th

Wed. July 6th

Wed. July 6th

Thurs. July 21st

Tues. August 1st

Wed. August 31stThurs. Sept. 15thTues. Sept. 27th
Wed. Oct. 26thThurs. Nov. 10thTues. Nov. 22nd
Wed. Jan. 11th

Kids Pottery Class

Please Call the Shop to book your spot on 519-841-7529   

Play with Clay is your hand and foot print destination

Drop in our studio anytime and one of our trained staff will assist from start to finish on creating an amazing long lasting clay memory.

Baby & Toddler Clay Prints..

  • $25 one print impression with         glaze colour choice.
  • $35 two print impression with glaze         colour choice on same plaque.

Paint Stamping Impressions.. 


Select from a wide selection of ready made ceramics & our staff will assist you with stamping your little ones hand and feet prints as well as personalized writing.  


Dogos' & Kitties Impressions..

$25 for two Paws prints

Clay impression keepsake with your choice in Glaze Colour.

Play with Clay's casual atmosphere is the perfect venue to host your next gathering...

  • Get away from the office and spend time in our pottery studio with either pottery painting or building with clay.
  • Studio seats up to 60 guests (no minimum amount of guests needed)
  • Choose pottery painting or building a mug (clay mug requires 2 visits)
  • Feel free to bring food, snacks, and beverages
  • We have a Steeped-Tea Bar for all guests to enjoy

  • Laugh with your friends and co-workers or at them all in good fun !

Clay-Building Team Event..

  • Full instruction and guidance throughout
  • Cannot promise the exact results but we are certain         everyone will leave with a useable/drinkable finished         Ceramic Mug..... But we can promise a really fun and unique         experience with a Clay Mug personally hand crafted by you         and your guests   !
  • This costs $25 per person

Pottery Painting Team Event..

  • Pottery Painting group get-togethers are simple and tons of fun
  • You and your Guests can select from 100's of ready made                ceramic pieces from our shelves, and the cost for this  averages         from $20 to $30 for most pottery pieces
  • Another cost option would be a group-price of $25 per  person         which helps to keep everyone in a budget, with fun functional         choices like Travel-Mugs, Jumbo Coffee-Mugs, Bowls, Dishes, and         more ! 

School off-sites or in-Studio visits

Play with Clay can visit your classrooms or you can make a special trip out to our studio, both visits can experience painting pottery or building with fresh clay.

Our experienced Pottery-Instructors will walk you through the full process and guide you along the way.

Please call us 519-841-7529 to discus painting and building options.

  • School visits require 2 or more classes to participate 
  • in-Studio visit no min. or max required


Any Questions or any other types Bookings 

Please call or email, Thank you..