Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Related to the Studio

Q. Do I need to Book a Reservation?

A. To paint existing pottery and for groups smaller than 4 people, walk-in is always welcomed. 

We would love you to make a reservation for the following visits:

  • Pottery Wheel Session
  • Pottery Creating (Hand-Building) Session
  • Painting Your Creations (Bisque Painting)
  • Groups larger than 4 people


Q. How Can I make a reservation?

A. By phone or by e-mail


Q. Can I purchase a Gift Card?

A. Absolutely! Gift Cards are available in studio or can be requested in an email form.


Q. How long can we stay at the studio?

A. As long as you wish! There is no time limit on how long you can stay, within our opening hours. 


Q. How Long Does the Studio keep my Creations?

A. After 2 months, we place all types of creations to storage. Due to our limited space, we donate the pottery left behind after 6 months.

FAQ Related to Pottery Making

Q. Can I take my Fresh Clay Creation Home on the Same Day?

A. Nope. Fresh Clay Creations, made on the Pottery Wheel or by hand have to dry for about two weeks. We than fire them in our kilns and contact you to book your second visit to paint. Kids can paint their fresh clay creations same day to shorten the process.

Q. What if my pottery gets damaged?

A. Due to the nature of this art form, damages, that are out of our controls may happen. In this case, we try to do our best to fix the damages that are fixable. However, we can’t guarantee the outcome and/or an item can be fixed. 

Q. Do I need to join a course, class, workshop to create?

A. Nope. We offer one-on-one session for individuals or couples as well.





FAQ Related to Pottery Painting

Q. When Can I take my Painted Pottery Home?

A. The turnaround to fire painted pottery is one week. You may then pick your completed artwork up on the Following Week, Same Day, After 3pm.


Q. Do I get a Call when my Pottery is Available for Pickup?

A. Nope.


Q. What happens When I cannot Finish my Artwork in One Visit?

A. You may continue some other time. We will pack it up for you to take it home. You may return to finish your creation at any time.


Q. Can I take Pottery and Paint to Paint at Home?

A. Absolutely! Take-out is still a thing!

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