Pottery Making in Cambridge, ON

Unleash your creativity by making colourful mugs, plates, boxes and bowls at Play With Clay Cambridge. We offer a wide range of pottery making classes in Cambridge, ON, where you can learn the step-by-step process of creating different ceramicware from scratch.

Pottery Wheel 2-Week Session

$80/ adult

$40/kiddo (suggested age is 8 yrs and up)

Our pottery wheel session is a one-on-one session with our trained instructors.

It includes 4 balls of clay to try out with, unlimited glaze, firing of created pieces in our kilns.

Outcome is not guaranteed, but definitely a fun thing to try out!

Session Outline:

  1. First Visit: Throw and Spin on the Wheel
  2. Second Visit: Two Weeks After, You’ll Be Trimming and Glazing Your Pieces
Pottery Wheels In The Workshop
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Hand-Building Sessions

Our hand-building pottery sessions offers students the opportunity to learn how to create beautiful works using different clay hand-building techniques.

Session Outline:

Our clay-building projects need two studio visits

  1. First Visit: Build and Create
  2. Second Visit: Glaze Your Clay Project (Can Be Shortened to 1 Visit With Building and Glazing/Limited to 1 Type of Glazing)
Painted Clay Plate and Clay Pot

How It Works:

  • No Experience Necessary; Students of All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome to Join
  • All Tools Needed for Your Project Provided
  • Our Pottery Instructors Will Guide You Through the Process With Individual Demonstration/Instruction
  • Work at Your Own Pace; Take as Long as You Need to Finish Your Project
  • Learn Different Hand-Building Techniques, Such as Pinch Potting, Coiling, Slab, Molding, and Clay Puzzling
  • After Two Weeks, Glaze Your Pottery With a High-Temperature Earth-Tone Look or Use Colourful Underglazes
  • Projects Include Making Mugs, Bowls, Coasters, Animal Banks, Masks, Teapots, Trinket Boxes, Vases, Spoon Rests, and Much More
  • Each Clay Project Is Priced Individually Based on the Amount of Clay; Average Cost of Clay Building Ranges From $20 to $35

We Also Offer

Building Parties

Couples Dates

Bridal Parties

Corporate Events

Catering to Schools

In-Studio and Off-Site Sessions

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