Pottery Courses & Sessions in Cambridge, ON

Bring your friends and family to one of the best pottery classes in Cambridge, ON. Whether you are looking to hone your creative skills or try something new, Play With Clay Cambridge is the perfect place to express your artistic side, no matter how much experience you have. With the wide range of pottery courses we offer, we are sure you’ll find one that fits your interests. You will also get individualized attention from our instructors to help you learn different strategies and techniques.

7-Week Pottery Courses (3-Hour Sessions):

  • No Experience Necessary; Beginners and Experienced Potters Welcome to Join Us
  • All Necessary Tools Provided
  • Work at Your Own Pace; Our Pottery Instructors Will Guide You Through the Whole Process
  • Learn Different Hand-Building Techniques, Such as Pinch Potting, Coiling, Slab-Building, Molding, and Clay Puzzling
  • High-Temperature Custom Glazing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
  • Build Up to 20 to 30 Pottery Pieces
  • 7-Week Pottery Course Costs $380 Plus Tax per Potter (Tools, Clay, Glazing, Firing, and Instruction Included)
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Gnome ClayPottery Making and Painting Poster

Adult Pottery Workshops

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  • Last Friday of Each Month, we are hosting an adult clay building workshop
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Clay-Building Parties

  • Projects can Include Mugs, Creature Coin Banks, Trinket Boxes, or Whatever Your Heart Desires
  • Our Instructors can help you create
  • Complimentary Clay-Handprint Impression
  • No Deposit and Minimum Or Maximum Person Required; Pay for Who Shows Up
  • Suitable for Ages 8 Years and Up
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Three Clays Made And Painted By The ChildrenPainted Clay Pot

Hand and Paw Prints

Play with Clay Cambridge is your hand and footprint destination. Visit our studio anytime, and one of our trained staff will assist you from start to finish in creating an amazing, long-lasting clay memory.

Baby and Toddler Clay Prints

  • $25 for One Print Impression With the Glaze Colour of Choice
  • $35 for Two Print Impressions With the Glaze Colour of Choice on the Same Plaque

Dogos and Kitties Impressions

  • $25 per Pawprints
  • Clay Impression Keepsake With Your Choice of Glaze Colour
Hand Printed On A Clay MemoryPaw Printed On A Clay Memory

Kid’s 4-Week Pottery Course

  • Students Will Be Learning Hand-Building, Wheel Throwing, and Trimming/Glazing Techniques and Fundamentals
  • Build and Create From Scratch
  • Pottery Instructor for Group Learning and Individual Lessons
  • Suggested age 8yrs and up
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Painted Clay Pots

We also host:

  • Adult Building Parties
  • Individual Sessions
  • Corporate Events
  • Off-site events
  • School Visits
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Decorated Pottery Pieces