Pottery Painting in Cambridge, ON

Treat yourself, your loved ones, friends or coworkers to an exciting and memorable painting experience at Play With Clay Cambridge. Our pottery painting in Cambridge, ON, is a fun and relaxing activity you can enjoy alone or with your friends and family. Create a masterpiece that you will cherish for years to come. We have a large selection of beautiful and unique pottery pieces for you to choose from.

How it works:

  • You will have unlimited time to work on your pottery. If you can’t finish in one visit, return as many times as needed to complete your painting project at no extra cost.
  • Choose you pottery item to paint
  • Choose as many colours as needed to create your masterpiece.
  • We have hundreds of easy-to-use silk-screen stencils, Fun Writer products, etching tools, sponges, different art brushes, cool idea binders, and more to add awesome flair to your pottery project.
  • Our art instructors can guide and help you with tons of tips and tricks to make the perfect painted pottery piece.
  • Pottery prices are found underneath each piece, and that price covers all your paint, tools, and firing (no additional studio fees).
  • Average pottery Price is $30

Take-home Kits:

Yes, taking home pottery painting kits is still a thing!

  • Pick out your pottery piece
  • Choose your colours (5 colours) and brushes
  • Paint in the comfort of your own home or work place
  • When you are ready, bring your painted pottery back for firing
  • No extra cost for take-home kits

Painting Parties & B-Day Parties:

Children Posing While Painting Pottery

Save $3 off/pottery item

  • Bring your munchies, juice boxes, cakes, gifts and decorations
  • Choose from the kids’ section
  • Choose your colours
  • Birthday Gift from the PWC Crew to the B-day kids
  • Celebrate and paint!
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Some Other Ideas to Do:

  • Individual Hand Building Sessions
  • In-Studio and Off-site Painting Events
  • Corporate events
  • Take-Home Kits
  • Couples Dates Pottery Painting, Hand Building or Pottery Wheel
  • Bridal Parties
  • Pottery Wheel Sessions (1-4 People)
  • Catering to schools
  • Clay Building Sessions, Courses, Workshops

Connect With Us

Contact us today with any questions or book our pottery painting class. We are always excited to see new faces at our studio.